So much has happened since the Maroons have played a game in Butte that you might have to step back and take a breath.  There was the comeback in Dillon and then the shot.  Not THE shot, but a big one against the Beavers to give the Maroons the inside track to the division championship.  Then came State in Missoula.  Then Lewistown.  THEN the shot.  The shot that gave the Maroons the 2021-22 State A Championship.

Butte Central will return to the boisterous Maroon Activities Center tomorrow night for their home opener after a 1-1 outing in last week's Frenchtown tipoff.  The man behind "The Shot", Dougie Peoples will return from last year's championship team along with fellow starters Kyle Holter and Eric Loos.  Along with 3 starters back from a championship team come high expectations and the Maroons look to be up to the task with a great deal of talent returning.  6'4 bruiser Zane Moodry is returning and so is his amazing work ethic.  6'2 junior guard Jack Keeley is developing into a solid guard/forward and senior Riley Gelling has been proven to be up to whatever task he is presented.  The Maroons look to have size and speed and under veteran Head Coach Brodie Kelly this has proven to be a powerful combination.  The Maroons will also employ an aggressive man-to-man defensive scheme, which has been Coach Kelly's callilng card.

The varsity game starts at 7:15 and BC's opponent will be the East Helena Vigilantes who will be ready to spoil the Maroons return and look like they could have the size to do just that.  Their impressive roster features 6'5 senior Curtis Corzine, 6'4 junior Tucker Petty and 6'3 senior Kobe Mergenthaller.

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