The Montana High School Association's lists of those recognized as All-Conference and All-State have been released and the Butte Central Maroons have several players who have gained post-season recognition.

Kyle Holter leads the way.

Kyle Holter after being crowned 2022 Monogram King. Photo: Facebook/C.D. Holter
Kyle Holter after being crowned 2022 Monogram King. Photo: Facebook/C.D. Holter

One of the most versatile players you will find on any team is Kyle Holter who has been recognized as a First Team All-Conference cornerback and, along with fellow senior Eric Loos, a Second Team wide receiver.  Holter's inclusion on offense is a testament to his versatility simply because the Maroons had a particularly injury-plagued season that forced Holter to not only play his natural wide reciever position but also considerable time at quarterback and running back as well.  Although the injury bug is a part of football, the Maroons were bitten particularly hard in 2022 with injuries taking most of the season away from starting quarterback Jack Keeley and running back Konner Pochervina.  Holter filled in nicely at both positions for the Maroons yet still managed to gain recognition as one who catches the ball rather than running or throwing.  As a corner, Holter was one of the best defenders in the state and has also won First Team all state status at that position.  Holter is the sole Maroon to gain All State recognition this season.

In addition to his recognition as an outstanding tight end, Eric Loos won Second Team all conference honors as a defensive lineman and Cayden Kibler brings home honorable mention recognition.  Senior captain Riley Gelling won honorable mention recognition as an offensive lineman.

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