BUTTE, MT - When you think of sapphires, what comes to mind? You might picture the deep blues of the ocean mirrored in a colorful rock. Maybe you see a ring that your great grandmother gives you for your 13th birthday, whimsically telling you, "It's for someone special," (though you still haven't found anyone special). But nestled in the rugged terrains of Montana mountainsides lies a gemstone that dazzles with unique flair. Not only is this gem considered to be a national treasure, but it also finds a home in one of the most prestigious artifacts in the world: the crown of Queen Elizabeth II.

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A Royal Touch

Yes, you read that right! Our very own Montana Sapphire isn't just any sapphire; it's a pretty, royal sapphire, and don't you tell it otherwise. Several stones from Montana were allegedly used in the making of the Imperial State Crown, which is part of the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom. The crown, which is typically worn during a coronation ceremony and other state events, has over 2,800 stones—but it's the Montana Sapphires that seem to catch looks with their unique bluish-green hues.

Where to Find Them

Montana Sapphires first made their debut on the world stone stage in 1865 during the gold rush. Prospectors searching for gold in the Missouri River stumbled upon these vibrant gems, which could be either disappointing or unexpectedly exciting, debating on the prospector. Today, they are primarily mined from the banks of the Missouri River and the Rock Creek area. Some of those on Reddit even claim that the hard-to-believe Sapphire Mountains contain hidden treasures...and deadly secrets.

Unique Features

So what sets Montana Sapphires apart from other sapphires? I'd say, as someone who has no idea what they're talking about, it's their incredible range of colors and their exceptional clarity. Unlike their comparative counterparts, which often require heat treatment to enhance color and clarity, many Montana Sapphires are pristine in their natural state, giving them their fame.

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They Symbolize Montana Culture

Beyond their beauty and royal connections, Montana Sapphires are a symbol of Montanan heritage and values. They resonate with the spirit of the Treasure State, reflecting the rugged, pristine beauty of Montana’s landscapes.

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