BUTTE, MT - Are you someone who wants to preserve Butte's historic legacy? Do you think Butte real estate brokers and developers feels the same way?

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The answer may be difficult to answer. And, while I'm at it, how long have you lived in Butte? If you're someone who's lived in the same building your whole life living in the Copper City, you may not be aware of the really cool and preservation-focused listings the Butte market has for sale. For someone like myself, who has moved to Butte somewhat recently in comparison to those who've been born and raised here, I've seen the offerings the Butte market shows off, such as one I called at one point the "Tower House"—a 3 bed 2 bath behemoth near Uptown that had a cylindrical structure jetting out of it, presumably having some sort of function back when it was built in 1900 and boy, did I love it.

Though I never purchased the "Tower House," my point still stands: there are some incredible listings for sale at all times in Butte, Montana, and most of them are reasonably priced, restored professionally, and aim to drive a respectable image to the market.

The newly-finished and recently-renovated Rudolph Condominiums, located in the heart of Butte's Uptown, is a listing that is no different. The Rudolph Condos, which has a website you can view here, is a development that took the old Rudolph's Furniture at 59 East Park St and converted its historic space into residential and commercial uses. The residential side has 12 units, each with either 2 beds / 2 baths, 2 beds / 1 bath, or 1 bed / 1 bath. The commercial spaces hope to find investors in retail and office sectors. Prices range from $254,000 to $532,000.

Though the prices may seem high, especially for Butte, the project leads have expressed how there is indeed a market for these listings in Butte, and those who can foresee massive growth in Butte's future may see the benefit of getting in on a historic location with prime locations quite early. The fact that projects like these (including another huge announcement coming soon) are gaining momentum showcase the belief people have in Butte and its hopeful future.

A ribbon cutting for the Rudolph Condos—along with guided tours—will commence on May 2nd from 3:00pm - 7:00pm, with the ribbon cutting set at 5:15pm. See the flyer below.

Credit: Butte Chamber of Commerce
Credit: Butte Chamber of Commerce

What do you guys think of the new listing and building conversion? Is this another healthy addition to rebuilding Butte, or another sign of troubling waters ahead?

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