BUTTE, MT - What is your biggest fear driving over Homestake Pass?

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There are quite an alarming amount of possibilities that could happen as you drive over the pass. You could lose control on the icy roads and swerve into the guardrails. You could see an animal perched on the road around one of the bends, leaving you with no choice but to send it to Heaven. You could even see a womanly specter, a phantom if you will, attempting to guide you in the night but instead making you freak out so much that you lose track of where you are. Yes, that last one is a real urban legend. But you didn't hear it from me.

If you were driving over the pass Monday night, you may have seen a harrowing scene. Unfortunately for a truck driver making his way over the Butte-famous pass at 10pm Monday night, the thing we all fear most happened: after hitting the guardrail, "The semi cab separated from the frame and rolled down the cliff while the rest of the truck stayed on the road," Butte-Silver Bow Fire Department stated in a Facebook post. The truck cab—with the driver in it—reportedly careened 100 feet off the cliff, where he was then rescued by Fire Department responders. That's right: the good news is that the driver was taken to the hospital via helicopter and lived, no serious injuries.

It's nice to know that flying off a 100ft cliff in a metal box can be survived, as I routinely drive like my blind grandmother around the bends to ensure my safety. Like you, though, I don't wanna risk it. So just drive safe out there, folks.

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