BUTTE, MT - What are your favorite Butte locations that have since closed its doors?

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Depending on how long you've been here in Butte, the answer may vary. In a place like Butte, where history metaphorically—and literally, in some places—leaks out of its pores, its impossible to find a consensus on what the five best closed-down locations are. There's just way too many to choose from, which isn't necessarily a bad thing: it just means Butte's economy fluctuates and experiences ebbs and flows—a good thing for entrepreneurs and prospective business owners, especially young ones looking to get a start in the world of business.

However, I tried to settle on five that I think us here in Butte can really agree on and we desperately want back. I was lucky enough to experience a few of these before they met their unfortunate close, but as the kids say: don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened. Plus, with new businesses popping up all the time here in Butte, it's very exciting to see what new iconic locations will be established and change Butte's history like these did.

Here are the Top 5 sensational Butte locations that you may (or may not) remember.

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That list still hurts because I have to drive by Matt's Place every single day and seeing it there alone in the cold makes me want to say "screw it" and get myself caught up in a Matt's Place revival scheme. It would be much appreciated if someone could do that for me. I want those milkshakes back. Heck, the menu is even still on the wall.

What's your favorite and most-missed closed Butte location?

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