BUTTE, MT - Would you ever climb a 13,000 foot cliff?

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Even if you're an experienced climber, the answer would probably be a resounding "heck no," and I wouldn't blame you. I have some experience climbing, mostly indoors in a safe, cushiony environment, so I've made some climbing friends who have told me stories out in the outskirts of Montana wildernesses—and even they wouldn't touch Montana's second highest peak (10th in the United States).

But it's also considered the second hardest peak to climb in the States. Do you know which one it is?

Granite Peak, standing as Montana's highest point at 12,807 feet, is a renowned destination for adventurous, borderline-insane climbers. Nestled in the Beartooth Range of the Northern Rocky Mountains, the peak presents a formidable challenge with its rugged granite composition and demanding ascents. It's very popular among those attempting to conquer all 50 state high points, though only being behind Denali in Alaska in difficulty. What makes it so hard? The Montanan peak has complex climbing routes that require technical skills, particularly on the final 200-foot summit block where ropes and climbing gear are essential for safety.

Granite Peak. Credit: Adam Talbert/Facebook
Granite Peak. Credit: Adam Talbert/Facebook

The peak's first ascent dates back to 1923, led by Elers Koch. Climbers typically approach the summit via either the East Rosebud or West Rosebud trailheads, with options to venture through breathtaking sceneries like the Froze-to-Death Plateau or Huckleberry Creek. Just what I want to venture through for the thrills: "Froze-to-Death Plateau." Yeah, okay.

If you're crazy enough to climb it, go to this site and look up the routes. Plus, there's tons of pretty pictures!

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