BUTTE, MT - What are your most fondest memories as a child?

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Depending on who's asked, obviously results will vary person to person. If you were to ask me, it would involve my parents leaving me home alone for the evening, my new Xbox being plugged in and ready to roll with a fresh copy of the Shrek game loaded up, and a large package of Oreos next to me on the couch. Though I was 21 years old, it still sticks out in my memory fondly and has me longing for childhood again.

If you were to ask my nieces, they'd probably tell you that their fondest memories—outside of their uncle tormenting them—would be the gymnastics and ninja classes they took, running around like demented, crazed banshees who are possessed by soft drinks and candy. Yes, I was lucky enough to witness this, and yes, it was the happiest I'd ever seen them.

Now, beginning today, on May 1st, 2024, children living here in Butte, Montana will get to have that share that same experience. Gym406, a Helena-based business, opened its doors to its new Uptown Butte location today, and already things are off to a great start. (Special shout-out to Marie, a fireball of positive energy and someone who has loads of information about the new opening.) The gym offers gymnastics, cheer, and ninja warrior classes to start off, along with a recreational sports league for the kids—and they even offer birthday party hosting.

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By visiting the website found here, all information on classes, programs, and, later, summer camps for your kiddos will be posted there for your convenience. The more kids that sign up, the more programs and classes the gym will get. So get moving! This opportunity for your kids brings a wealth of knowledge, skill, and exercise that many kids these days may be missing.

What class are you most excited to sign your children up for?

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