BUTTE, MT - Ever dreamt about living out in the middle of nowhere in the Montana countryside, fishing rod in one hand and a cold beer or glass of wine in the other, with a tasteful multimillion dollar property sitting behind you?

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I know I have. Though I'm just a lowly radio DJ and "journalist" here on 92.5 KAAR, I still like to dream and see what's out there that other people get to enjoy on my behalf. Hey, maybe you'll be one of those people, who knows? Plus, we are all people of Earth, we all share consciousness, and we all experience this crazy, unknown existence called life. So let's get out there and take it in together, right?

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Look at me. All it takes, apparently, is some gorgeous photos of a unique Montana house and all of a sudden I'm a philosopher. I'll cut it out. I know what you're here for: awesome photos of an awesome riverside home. Well, ask and you shall receive:

This home is listed in Bigfork, MT, and is listed at a $1.25 million price tag. Let's take a look at this new, hot multimillion dollar Montana riverside dream home, located in Bigfork, Montana. Interested in buying? Take a look at the full listing here on Zillow.

Take a Look Inside this Riverside Montana Dream Home

Montana has a million things to offer, with the mountains, rivers, and all around natural beauty taking precedence. Now, get all those things and more wrapped up into one incredible property. Take a look:

Gallery Credit: Devon Brosnan

My gosh, there really is nothing better than that. Bigfork, up on Flathead lake where this listing is located, makes for the perfect Montana getaway setting. The whole thing feels like a fairy tale house straight out of an Ivan Doig novel. If you're an individual with a family and the means to afford such a place, do me a favor and buy it so I know that someone cool is enjoying it. Then invite me over.

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