BUTTE, MT - If you had to describe our lovely little town of Butte in one word (ignoring the two I just used), what would it be? Charming? Historic? Quiet? Whatever word you would use, not only do I hope it's a positive one, but I hope it's something that makes you proud. Butte Pride does not run short through our town, and it has no reason not to. However, I've heard some complaints trickle down the pipeline, and one in particular surprised me the first time I heard it.

It was a group of people speaking at a dinner table in Uptown, their conversation veering from passionate discourse about Butte's future to analyzing every corner of Butte's social structure. These anonymous individuals ended up saying that has stuck with me ever since: "Butte has no voice." Hold up, what does that mean? I asked myself.

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Now, whether they were referring to Butte not being listened to or even ignored by our state's government, or whether they were speaking literally, I refuse to believe either are true. Firstly, Butte's ideals have traditionally lied in independence, with those being from here identifying with Butte first, Montana and the country second. Secondly, Butte's "voice" is debatable, but surely present. I prefer to think of Butte's voice as our own Tommy O, but there is another voice who's shaping and paving the way in world of local podcasts, and making a stamp on the image of Butte's legacy.

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ButteCast, a podcast that incorporates stories and guests (either from Butte or they're coming to Butte) in an entertaining, digestible podcast format, has been running quietly in the background for a while now. That's not to say that Bill Foley, candidate for Chief Executive 2024 and host of ButteCast, is not seeing a solid listenership for his program. In fact, I've heard numerous supporters and endorsements play over his Cast each week, showcasing the program's community support, while hearing in the streets people speak proudly about it in passing.

You may not be completely on board with Bill Foley as a person, but I assure you that his calm, well-spoken demeanor on the microphone and his well-timed, interesting, and relevant guests are surely something to respect. Every time I listen, I learn. And he's representing our little town in a pretty cool way.

Have you guys listened to ButteCast? What are your thoughts on the program?

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