BUTTE, MT - Have you ever wanted to be a writer?

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And I don't mean these made-for-website articles and pieces people such as myself write day after day, though I do consider my colleagues writers—while I consider myself to be a word put-together-er. No, I mean a published, honest-to-God writer, with a book someone could physically pick up and read. No disrespect to any other type of writer (given that I'm one of them), but there's just nothing like picking up a book for the first time and smelling that new-book smell.

If you are an aspiring writer in today's crazy but opportunistic world, then let me be the first to tell you that it's possible and do not give up. Amanda Reid, a first-time author with her new book Story of a Life, would be the second. Being from Butte, Montana, Amanda Reid has quite an inspiring story, for writers and just the average Joe alike. I sat down for a conversation with her to discuss her new book and what she aims to do with her poetic material.

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Being from Butte, Amanda has seen, heard, and felt it all—anything from severe mental health issues like paranoid schizophrenia to deep depression to pure, unadulterated happiness. Many in Butte, she theorizes, have probably dealt with it themselves, or at the least has seen it with friends and family. In fact, her bookStory of a Life, is dedicated to those who have experienced these emotions firsthand, while simultaneously shedding awareness on these issues to those who might not be as familiar with them.

Her story doesn't stop there. Amanda shared with me that, given her family's history in the local mines, she was left without much financial security, causing her to drop out of high school early on to earn funds to support her clan. From there, she's worked tirelessly to get to the point she's now achieved: writing and publishing a book. That's right: "Even if you don't finish school, you can still achieve your dreams," Amanda said proudly.

At the end of the day, Amanda just wants her and others to spread kindness and to be the best that we can be, despite the issues we may be facing underneath.

What's in Amanda's future? Well, she tells me she's already halfway through writing her second book, which will be focused more towards doctors, professionals, and veterans, with a strong backbone centered on sharing knowledge about mental health detriments we all face every day.

You can support Amanda by purchasing her book from Amazon here.

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