BUTTE, MT - We, as humans, all enjoy the occasional (some more often than others—no judgement here) head change, and there's nothing wrong with that.

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What am I talking about when I say, "head change?" I'm talking about enjoying a slight buzz—slight enough where you notice a difference, but also not too much where you're a completely different person—from a legal and safe substance. Sometimes it comes from booze, sometimes it comes from a cigarette, and sometimes you can even be sober and just experience it through some form of outdoor activity. That last one is my favorite. But when it's cold and windy like it has been, my preferred choice is the tried-and-true, historically-empowered, Montana-favorite: alcohol.

But in a state like Montana, there are always plentiful options for enjoying your favorite adult beverage, anywhere from sitting down an upscale hotel bar to going for a walk and running into a guy in a beat-up hoodie sitting out by an old rig sipping a sixer of light beer who then offers you one. Yes, I am usually that guy. Come and see me next time you're out for your walk.

However, recently I've been lucky enough to be within a stones throw of a little hole-in-the-wall distillery called Headframe Spirits, who not only has an awesome name for a brand, but who also has a tasting room setup on S Montana St here in Butte. And, as the weather gets better, the joint has the perfect place to sit out on the sloped street and enjoy a drink while gawking at the passerbys and listening to the organic, unique sounds of Butte America.

Inside, on the contrary, consistently hosts a scene of camaraderie, either through groups of patrons talking and laughing together or the bartenders berating each other to the amusement of the lucky few sitting at their bar. Seriously though, every single time I've been in there (which is usually by myself, and there's nothing wrong with that, my mom tells me), a waft of good spirits and light-hearted humor floats through the air, emitting from the staff, and infects my heart with a joyous glee of companionship—even though they're roasting me half the time. It's okay, I definitely deserve it.

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Even more joyous, however, are the drinks they create from their distilled whiskies, vodkas, gins, and liqueurs. Though the liqueurs are my favorite, like the always-tasty and winter-exclusive Snowdrift, their cocktail menu is littered with delicious, one-of-a-kind beverages found nowhere else in Butte. Plus, they treat the classics with as much love and joy as they do their original cocktails, truly leaving enough choices for everyone to enjoy.

There is one downside that I must address, and it isn't exclusive to Headframe nor is it their issue. The downside, I must confess, is my strong and stern disappointment in Montana drinking law. Don't worry, I'm not going to get political, though stay tuned on my upcoming 24-page essay on why the Israel-Palestine conflict is really about another Soviet uprising. Just kidding.

No, I must speak on the—and I'm sorry, Montana lawmakers—ridiculous laws distilleries must abide by, such as a two drink maximum per day per patron (though Headframe does a stellar job of making it fun by giving you a card that either potentially wins you prizes or gives you points to cash in) and the mandatory closing of their tasting room by 9pm. I'm sorry, I don't mean to sound so salty, and it really is nothing personal. I just really want Headframe open past 9pm, and I really want more than two at a time of the Dirty Girl cocktail. As their website says: "Everybody loves a Dirty Girl." To be clear, though, they are very appreciative of the progression and process of Montana state law about distilleries. This is just me openly sorting out my emotions, and what better way to do that then here on this article that's meant to highlight local businesses!

In all seriousness, I can't express how much I enjoy everything about Headframe and it's cute little tasting room, with employees who clearly love their lives and drinks that reflect that same love in a delicious, head-changing way.

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