As Thursday's Thanksgiving holiday rapidly approaches it's easy to bemoan the things that are going wrong in the world.  Inflation.  Politics.  War.  Famine.  Although it seems the pandemic is seemingly under control, different challenges reveal themselves at an alarming rate.  It would be easy to give up hope.

Butte, it is safe to say, has never given up hope.  If you are lucky enough to have grandparents who are still with us, ask them about how Butte neighborhoods would band together if the mines went on strike.  Ask anyone who was around in the early 1980s when the Anaconda Company shut down if they were going to throw in the towel, even as many predicted they would.  Butte persevered.  Butte kept it’s head up.  Butte moved forward.

If you want to be thankful this year, learn about "Hulk" Schow.  Hulk has stared down challenges that would make any grown man tremble.  And he has beaten them.  And he has seen them return.  And he is battling them again as hard as his tiny body will let him.  You see, Hulk has not even started kindergarten yet, but he has had to fight for his young life almost daily because of this curse we refer to as cancer.  And when you meet him he will strike you as the happiest kid alive.

We made Hulk our official KMBR guest DJ a little while back and when we invited his family to our offices to check out all of the cool things in the radio studios, well, Hulk was a little less than impressed.  What he DID want to do, however, was show off his new hat and badge that he received when he was made an honorary member of the Butte Police.  Hulk has an extreme admiration for first responders and in the time since he came to our studios he has gotten memorabilia from departments around the world, and he’s even got to visit a couple of them.  It’s each department or business that he touches, though, that gets the real gift.  The gift of Hulk’s incredible spirit.

This season, look at the things that we all have.  For many of us, it is simply the gift of precious life for which we are thankful.  Look at those who are fighting for their very lives.  Look at those who just want one more meal as a family.  This Thanksgiving, think of Hulk Schow and what he’s fighting.  And how this little guy keeps fighting…and smiling.

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