BUTTE, MT - I must admit, it feels weird writing about myself. But, unlike the short bios I've written in the past on dating profiles, this one is actually feels necessary.

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Today, Tuesday 04/23/24, will be the first day my voice will be heard on a commercial radio station. Don't worry, this isn't the first time I will ever be on-air per se, but it will be my first time on a station that has been around for a good while and people are generally familiar with. Some of you may have seen my articles pop up on here or our sister stations and already have an idea of who I am. But who am I really, anyway? And how do I answer that question that four different sarcastic comments laced with self-deprecating humor wouldn't answer? I guess I'll take it a little more seriously.

I'm going to start off by saying that I aim to always be completely honest, and I am someone who embraces the values of integrity. In fact, I'll prove my honesty to you right now by divulging a piece of information that many have told me not to tell you about: I am originally from California. SHOCKER. Call the police, lock your doors, get the guns. Yes, I am from the Big C. No, I don't want to bring "mah politics" over here to Montana. I just wanna live as of peace-of-mind as I can, surrounded by people I love. And just like each and every one of you are to be—rightfully so—proud of where you live, I too am proud of where I came from.

However, I reached a point where moving out of state made sense for me. That's partially why I've taken the road here to Butte from Bozeman, where I've lived the past few years—the idea being I'd continue to get my degree in Sociology and Psychology Research from MSU. But Lady Fate had other things in store for me.

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I ended up meeting a gentleman named Bob Wall, a legend in the music scene in Bozeman and Montana as a whole, who basically owned and operated a community radio station. He gave me an opportunity to be on air, I took it, and ended up having a show called DevFM which I did live every week, playing music and talking in between interviews with guests. I had a blast.

Eventually, I worked to get a job here at this station, and have been calling it home ever since. I'm more than a little excited to get on the airwaves and berate your eardrums with my nonsense every afternoon. If you ever need anything from me, of course, I am always here. And by "here," I mean my assistant will get your message, reach out to my lawyer, and finally get the CEO's approval before getting it to me. Just kidding. Thanks for reading.

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