The gear has been loaded and soundchecked.  The lights are up and the bands are ready to go.  Ken Rich Appreciation night is tonight starting at 7pm at the Elks Lodge on Galena featuring local heavyweights King Friday, JST US, Check Engine Light and High Ore Road.  Organizers are hoping for a big turnout to salute and help a man who has helped and inspired many himself.

Ken Rich publicity photo. Courtesy Ken Rich/Facebook
Ken Rich publicity photo. Courtesy Ken Rich/Facebook

If it were not for the friendship and guidance of Ken Rich, there is a possibility that some of the bands scheduled to perform tonight wouldn't even be around.  Ken, who started out as one of the most promising young drummers the Mining City had to offer, showed off not only his skills on the kit early on but his incredible vocal range.   With Ken providing the impetus for early setlists, experiments by bands like Trilogy and Wanted have made their way into the "Butte Standard" category and have greatly influenced the current playlists of Butte bands you will see tonight.  Current King Friday bassist Marco Kurilich played in Trilogy alongside Ken, High Ore Road guitarist Pete Heidt has done countless projects with Rich as well and Check Engine Light bassist and vocalist Frank Hall is Ken's brother-in-law.

Ken Rich Appreciation night will get underway tonight at the Elks Lodge, 206 W. Galena as the doors will open at 6pm.  The first band will take the stage at 7pm and donations of any size will be accepted and appreciated.  Come out tonight, do some dancing and help out a great guy.

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