The alarms have been set.  The cooler is full and the coffee just needs to be turned on in the morning.  Tomorrow marks the start of general rifle season in Montana and it is a date that deer and elk hunters from all around the state have had circled on their calendars for months.  The backroads will definitely be seeing heavier traffic and there will be more people in wooded areas but Townsquare Media correspondent Jocelyn Dodge, a former forester in the Butte Ranger District says there are a few things we should all be doing if we're going to be in the woods this weekend.

The prize many will be searching for this weekend. Remember to bring proper supplies on your hunt.  Photo: Townsquare Media

Wear Orange.

"If you're not hunting, it's still a good idea to wear orange even in areas where hunting is not allowed," Dodge told us noting that many people will still be using roads and trails for activities other than hunting.  Dodge also added that with the sudden change in weather that is expected, being prepared is critical.  "Make sure you have emergency supplies with you including first-aid, communications, extra food and a map," Dodge stated.

Plan ahead.

Many roads and trails in Southwest Montana will be closed through December 2 and Dodge says that knowing which ones ahead of time is key.  "Plan your trip knowing where closures may occur and make sure you follow food storage requirements when setting up hunting camps," Dodge stated adding that if you don't have the proper equipment, food storage containers are available for checkout at Ranger District offices.  For questions or information, contact the Butte Ranger District at (406) 494-2147.

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