BUTTE, MT - You've heard about it everywhere. Facebook is hijacked by posts about it. The local news reports on it non-stop. While Instagram and TikTok are promoters of the controversies surrounding the upcoming phenomenon. No matter where the information is coming from or what they're saying about it, three things are for certain: (1) there is a total solar eclipse occurring on April 8th, 2024; (2) there will be complete visibility from the U.S.; and (3) it's going to be something very special.

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Bring the kids out, get the family together, maybe even bring along the coworker no one ever wants to hang with but they actually seem pretty cool. Whether by yourself or with a group, you must make sure that you don't miss this potentially once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. Yes, once-in-a-lifetime; the next one isn't predicted to occur until August 23rd of 2044!

But wait, what's with all that talk about earthquakes, tidal waves, the world ending? Is there any truth to it? Will it affect your day-to-day routine here in Montana? Well, to get to the bottom of these eclipsing questions, I did a deep dive into some of the top controversies surrounding the upcoming solar sighting—from the somewhat ridiculous to the absolutely insane. Spoiler: I have good news and I have bad news. Take a look...

Here are the Top 7 solar eclipse controversies that can affect our lives here in Montana.

The Top 7 Solar Eclipse Controversies

The solar eclipse has been seen by few, shrouded in mystery by many, and its legendary status has come with quite a few controversies. Will it cause earthquakes? Can it shut down our electric systems? Will it end the world?

Gallery Credit: Devon Brosnan

Well, that was a little depressing. Have no worry though, friends, as the controversies are exactly that: controversial. Though some odd occurrences are bound to happen on the fateful day, the solar eclipse will be something of a bonafide spectacle of space, and we will be celebrating the celestial event in style: a wop chop in one hand, and a pair of overpriced solar eclipse safety glasses in the other.

Odd Shadows Appear During Solar Eclipse

Sure, the solar eclipse was awesome. But, if you were only looking up, then you missed out on a really cool show on the ground too.

Gallery Credit: Credit N8

Wow! Views of the sunrise solar eclipse in U.S. and world

A partial solar eclipse was visible June 10, 2021 as the sun rose over the East Coast.

Gallery Credit: Associated Press


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