BUTTE, MT - I still remember the first time I tried my first wop chop. Situated in an intersection on the south side of town lies the Freeway Tavern, an established staple of the Butte wop chop community. Sitting down at the bar, surrounded by Evel Knievel merchandise in what looks like a shrine dedicated to the man, I ordered the iconic pork chop sandwich and was transported to a past that felt familiar, yet one I had never experienced.

If you ever find yourself craving a whop chop in Butte, Montana, you’re in for a treat—as the locals are well aware of. This seemingly exclusive-to-Butte sandwich, which features a pork chop—sometimes battered and fried—between two buns like a burger, has grown in popularity to encompass a subgenre of the sandwich-munching community. Since that fateful first wop chop at the Freeway, I have been lucky enough to experience as many wop chops as I can—creating this list to help guide you in your wop chop journey. Here are the Top 5 rated wop chops in Butte, Montana.

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Top 5 Wop Chop Experiences in Butte, Montana

Whether you know what a "wop chop" is or not, these 5 Butte experiences are sure to make your mouth water and get you craving for one. What is a wop chop? How do I get one? Find out!

Gallery Credit: Devon Brosnan

Whether it’s your first wop chop, your last (I hope it's not), or the one for the day, this list is guaranteed to spark inspiration and hunger in your quest for a wop chop today. Heck, even tomorrow, or maybe when you’re planning your next trip to Butte. No matter the case, go hit one of these bangin’ wop chop eateries and experience the joy Butte Rats have known forever.

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