Who’s been lucky enough to visit the fine country of Japan within the past few years? Did you get to encounter the familiar dining of McDonald’s, perhaps after a long train commute or late at night? Though there is obviously no shortage of delicious dining options in Japan, it’s the McDonald’s out there in the Asian country that gives you a one-of-a-kind experience, and it may be where you least expect it.

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Japan is known for their high-tech and innovative equipment: everything from art installations to entire commercial districts, to even taking their high-tech to the skies. Now, as of a year ago, they have capabilities—installed in the meccas of high-tech, McDonald’s—to clean something us here in Montana use everyday.

“How is that newsworthy,” you may be asking me. Well, look here below:

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So, what’s next for this intuitive and strangely-placed technology? Some of those who have been there to experience it theorize that, due to its success overseas, McDonald’s could implement the phone-cleaning technology here in Montana within the coming years. Though seemingly insignificant, the implications of the service are clean, nourished hands from a bacteria-forsaken phone—truly a benefit for us all in these post-Covid times.

I must say, the technology seems very innovative, albeit slightly concerning due to its placement in a sink. Can you think of a better place to put it? Would you use one if they were available where you are? Perhaps WOTA will showcase their prowess by making them available for residential use.

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2024: flying cars? Nope, restroom phone cleaners.

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