BUTTE, MT - Do you do anything to shape Butte's future?

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Even if you answered "no," trust me, you do. Every single one of us living here in the Richest Hill on Earth makes an impact on our future every single day, whether we know it or not. As if to prove my point: today, while I was walking the streets of Uptown Butte and taking photos for an upcoming article, I witnessed something straight out of a Disney movie. An elderly woman was assisted in walking across the street by a strapping young lad who happened to see her struggling, being with her for the entirety of her uphill walking battle until she was safely on the other side.

How does that pertain to Butte's future? One word: kindness. In an article I wrote last week about Butte's newest acclaimed author, Amanda Reid told me that all she wants to do is spread kindness and that it's what will change the future. I agree with her, and whether it's helping someone in need cross the street or it's going to a workshop about becoming a leader here in Butte, kindness is what will make the difference.

Speaking of workshops that will help you become a Butte leader, the Super Hero Workshop, hosted by Butte Chamber of Commerce, is coming up! On Tuesday, May 7th, 2024, front line workers and other Butte locals are being sought to come by and learn from your local peers to become an Ambassador for Butte—someone who can educate and guide our visitors and tourists for the upcoming season.

See the details here:

Credit: Butte Chamber of Commerce
Credit: Butte Chamber of Commerce

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Will you be signing up to be a Butte Super Hero?

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