BUTTE, MT - Where do you like to go when it's time to bite the bullet and purchase a vehicle?

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Like every single one of my posed questions, there is no right answer. It simply comes down to personal preference. However, I've noticed something special in my time living here so far, and I think it's something many don't notice or give no more than a second's thought. You might recognize is immediately, or you may think I'm nuts. Either way, if you're looking into purchasing a vehicle anytime soon, then you may want to pay attention.

If you've driven down any main street here in Butte, you may have noticed that there are a ton of cars on the road: some of them have seen brighter days, some of them are old school clunkers who have been given another shot at life, and some of them are Cybertrucks. Okay, maybe I've only seen one, but it's out there. But there are cars you're probably driving by all the time and are sitting there right under your nose, ready for you to take home. These are perfect for a parent looking to get their son or daughter their first vehicle.

The hot spot, in the Safeway parking lot off of Harrison. Credit: Devon Brosnan
The hot spot, in the Safeway parking lot off of Montana. Credit: Devon Brosnan

Harrison, Dewey, Montana: virtually every major street here in Butte has used vehicles for sale, and prove to be a great alternative if you're looking for a used car. Most of the ones I've seen are in great condition, with the owners being kind enough to throw all the relevant information on the vehicle itself. Though Butte has some fantastic options for shopping new, the used car street market is impeccable and unlike anything I've seen in other cities.

Another off of Dewey. Credit: Devon Brosnan
Another off of Dewey. Credit: Devon Brosnan

Have you ever purchased a used car off of the street?

Off of Harrison
Off of Harrison. Credit: Devon Brosnan

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