BUTTE, MT - What're your favorite spring and summer activities? For some, it may revolve around some type of indoor recreation, like an adult rec league or a board game club—summer giving you the time to actually participate. For others, outdoor recreation, such as paddle boarding, bike riding, or hiking, dominate their lives. I fall into the latter camp, and hiking in particular is something I love and have a lot of experience with.

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Us here in Montana—and definitely here in Butte—are blessed with a multitude of different hiking trails, from beginner level to experienced, from challenging to a walk through a park, from short to long distances. Whatever your cup of tea is when it comes to hitting the dusty paths, these trails are sure to give you and your friends something to remember. Let's check out some fine spring and summertime experiences (yes, spring is here, I've declared it).

These are 6 of the best trails around Butte for hiking adventures, designed for all levels.

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Those look awesome. I wasn't lying when I said scenic, Butte is literally surrounded by mountain ranges. Yes, the Berkeley Pit counts, especially when you factor in how big it is: how many M&Ms do you think you can fit into the famous Butte manmade hole? The answer may surprise you (spoiler: it's a freakin' lot).

As we gear up for the fun season, remember to stay safe and have fun. One of the best parts about hiking Butte is how friendly and helpful everyone is. Now, sidenote, I need some help. I want to take the paddle board out, but need some recommendations. What do you have for me?

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