It's almost our beautiful girls birthday! Montana will be 124 years old the beginning of next month. From 1889 until today, a few things have changed. (in case you missed the memo)

Let's talk about some of the laws that govern our great state of Montana.

I'm going to start with the big one. This always seems to be the starting line of discussions regarding 'stupid' laws. In Montana it is NOT legal to shoot at a group of 7 or more Native Americans gathered together. It is not a war party.

This one feels like it changes anytime I hear it, the number varies greatly, I also feel like 'out of the back of a covered wagon' is thrown around a whole lot. It doesn't matter, the law in some form or fashion was on the books, it has since been REPEALED. So please spread the word.

Now let's move on to some actual laws.

Montana Laws

Montana laws on the books, that are... interesting.

So there is Part One of our look at, Interesting Montana laws, with more to come.

Part two of this stunning Expose can be read HERE!

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