Ladies and Gentlemen Week 4 is in the books and we had yet another perfect score! (cue the music) Coleen Fink is this weeks winner!

Coleen went a perfect 10-0 last week to steam roll the competition.


#8 Tennessee @ #25 LSU

#11 Utah @ #18 UCLA

#16 BYU @ Notre Dame

#20 Kansas State @ Iowa State

Texas @ Oklahoma

Bears @ Vikings

Cowboys @ Rams

Seahawks @ Saints

Dolphins @ Jets

Bengals @ Ravens ______________ (final score for tiebreaker)

So there we go! Week 5 of the Pigskin pick 10 is ready to roll. Copy and paste your winners in the form below. Make sure to give us a final score on the Ravens-Bengals for the tie breaker as well!

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