Week 7 of the Pigskin Pick 10 is behind us and it was a much better week for everyone involved. I'd say the overall average was in the 6-4 range, we had a few under that, and a few over.

There were a few surprises. The first was how much faith people had in Tommy Mellott and the Bobcats of Montana State, the other side of that was just how little faith the masses had in the University of Montana. Very few people picked the Griz to win on the road, and even fewer had Weber State in the win column.

The NFL games also felt like there were two games that kicked people in the junk, the first would be the Commanders leaving Aaron Rodgers face down in the turf, and the Seahawks somehow won, I assume it had to do with Bruce Sayler wearing one of his patented “ugly Seahawk sweaters”

Some notables from last week, Former winner Colleen Fink went 7-3, Tim AND Michele S. both went 7-3, Golf coach to the stars Sean Ryan went 7-3 as well. That brings us to our winner this week, who went a blistering 8-2, Week 7’s winner of the Pigskin Pick 10 is Ethan Green!  Ethan has won himself 2 tickets to see Cody Johnson live in Bozeman this Saturday, and a gas card from Town Pump to get him there!

So that brings us to week 8. This week we are playing for a $100 gift card from MacKenzie River pizza, so put your thinking caps on because those lodge poles are calling your name.


Montana Tech @ Rocky
Oklahoma State @ Kansas State
Utah @ Washington State
Ole Miss @ Texas A&M
Kentucky @ Tennessee

Bears @ Cowboys
Giants @ Seahawks
49ers @ Rams
Broncos @ Jaguars
Packers @ Bills ­­­_______________ final score for tiebreaker

There we have it, Week 8 of the Pigskin Pick 10. Copy and paste your selections below. Good Luck!

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