Hello to all of our Assistant Coaches! Week 3 of the Pigskin Pick-9... went far better for most everyone, we had a whole chunk of people go 6-3, and a really good group at 7-2. We ended with 2 gents at 8-1, Zach Hanni and Tim Shea both went 8-1, so we went to the tiebreaker, and Zach Hanni is our week 3 winner due to being closer on the tiebreaker. Congratulations Zach!

Week 4, we are playing for a pair of tickets to see Cody Johnson in Bozeman, Oct 29, along with a gas card to get you there. So here are the games, copy and paste your winners below. Let's do this!

NCAA Games:

#2 Alabama @ #20 Arkansas

#9 Oklahoma State @ #16 BAylor

#22 Wake Forest @ #23 Florida State

#10 North Carolina State @ #5 Clemson

Florida Atlantic @ North Texas


Washington @ Dallas

Seattle @ Detroit

Denver @ Las Vegas

Buffalo @ Baltimore

Kansas City @ Tampa Bay  __________Total Final Score

See 10 this week!

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