BUTTE, MT - The human ability to reshape the Earth has led to some of the most incredible structures and excavation sites known to society. Among these are the five biggest manmade holes, standing as testaments to our skills in engineering (shoutout Montana schooling) and our relentless pursuit of natural resources. What's crazy is that, in a recent article, one of Montana's very own was ranked as one of the world's biggest.

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From the depths of former mining operations to the expanses of massive underwater sinkholes, these colossal cavities offer a glimpse into human ingenuity and its environmental impact. However, being here in Montana, there is one manmade feature that is special to us—a point of pride here in the great state—and it just so happened to make it on to the list.

Let's take a look at the 5 biggest manmade holes in the world, featuring Montana's very own entry to the list.

The 5 Biggest Manmade Holes in the World (Montana, look out!)

These 5 manmade holes have proven themselves to be testaments to the human will and skill of engineering, all in all making up over 10 miles of deep excavation. Lucky for us here in the United States, Montana features one of the entries on the list—and you may not expect it.

Gallery Credit: Devon Brosnan

Who would've thought that Butte's very own proud eye-sore, the Berkeley Pit, would make it on to the top 5 biggest manmade holes in the world? Just another thing for us Butte Rats to be proud of here in the Treasure State. Now who's up for a swim to celebrate?

What are your guys' favorite facts about the Berkeley Pit? Did you know it was over a mile wide? Imagine how much dirt it would take to fill that thing up. It almost looks like you could build a whole new Butte, just right there in the center. Toxic, schmoxic.

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