Let's face it, energy costs have always been something we complain about.  Every year they seem to go up and up.  Particularly this year when combined with record inflation, low wages, prescription drug prices and unemployment, the monthly power bill is hitting some Montanans harder than others.  For some it actually comes down to a choice of food or power.  Some cannot afford both.

Northeast Hit With Major Snowstorm
Heating assistance is available as early as October 1.  Photo: Andrew Theodorakis/Getty Images

Energy Assistance can help as early as October 1

Qualifying Montanans can get help with part of their winter heating bills from October 1, 2022 through April 30, 2023 and in certain circumstances emergency assistance through the Low Income Heating Energy Assitance Program or LIHEAP.  In certain circumstances assistance with furnace repair or other emergencies is available as well.  In order to qualify, you must be responsible for paying your home's heating costs, be a United States citizen or legally admitted for permanent residency and meet a criteria for income and resources.  You can quickly find out about available resources and if you qualify by going to the LIEHAP website or by contacting the Action Inc. office in Butte at 25 W. Silver Street, by calling (406)533-6855 or going to their website.

Details matter and time is important

To apply, you need to submit your application by April 30, 2023.  For prompt assistance be sure to send in a completed form and don't forget to include all necessary information.  With that, the LIHEAP program does not discriminate on any basis and is there right now if you need help.

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