BUTTE, MT - In the relatively small amount of time that I've spent here so far in Butte, Montana, I must say has been a very pleasant and crime-free experience. Moving from—I reluctantly admit—Bozeman, there had been stories passed around of how Butte can be a safe haven for criminals, and even a dangerous place to walk around in. I have found this to be almost completely untrue, as I've walked the streets of Butte as a borderline hobby at this point (I'm a big walker). However, though the streets may feel safe to some, there is always at least one person who is up to no good. And when there is, you pray that they aren't in a position of power.

Butte is known for many things: its Irish culture and heritage, its incredible underground labyrinths, and of course the infamous Berkeley Pit. Luckily, Butte is not known for its crime, though crime rates here have reached 47 violent crime offenders per 1000 residents, putting it well above the national average of 38 per 1000. Point is, no place is absolved from crime. Case in point: on March 20th, 2024, a high-level employee at Butte's Montana Tech was taken into custody. Though information on Montana Tech crime is elusive, this arrest follows after the 2016 expulsion of several Montana Tech students for cheating and plagiarism.

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Executive Associate Athletic Director Nicholas Bowsher was arrested on counts of drug possession, along with charges of drug distribution, both involving "dangerous" drugs, according to the Butte-Silver Bow Detention Center jail. What drugs exactly, we aren't so sure. But one thing is for sure: the $500,000 bail set on Bowsher sure is telling. We'll follow this story as it progresses.

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