By now you've heard of "Ghosts of Devil's Perch" on the Travel Channel and maybe you have even watched an episode or two.  *SPOILER ALERT*  The series follows a team of paranormal investigators to various "haunted" locations around Butte including the Clark Chateau, The Hennessy Mansion, the Courthouse and even a private residence where they investigate different supernatural disturbances in the Mining City.  They determine that not only is Butte haunted, but incredibly so.  But of all of the hauntings, there seems to be one more-power dark spirit that seems to be running the whole after-worldly show.  The finale takes the crew into the actual shaft of a once-working Butte mine where the final showdown with this dark entity takes place.

Truly Haunted?  You decide.

The mine in question is the Orphan Girl on the campus of the World Museum of Mining.  The Orphan Girl ceased operations in 1956, but along with her sisters further east, was a contributor to the approximately 2500 deaths that took place in the mines of Butte.  As you can imagine, a mine death comes unexpectedly and usually very suddenly.  Stories of "tommyknockers" not only permeate Butte but mining towns across America from Leadville, Colorado to Bisbee, Arizona where disembodied spirits still roam and rule the underground.  Many claim to have heard their banging.  Some claim to have seen actual apparitions.  Others claim it is all bunk   The Orphan Girl, however, will let you inside to judge for yourself.

Haunted Underground Tour October 27th and 28th

Yes, you can go into the actual Orphan Girl shaft.  Thursday, October 27th from 5:30 to 8:30pm and again Friday, October 28th from 5:30 until 9pm.  Walk-ins will be accepted as space permits, but it is wise to book your spot now.  You can do so right here. But be warned.  Haunted or not, you will be on the actual 100 level of the Orphan Girl and to say it is very dark is an understatement.  You could very easily become claustrophobic and open-toed shoes will not be allowed.  In short, it is a frightening environment with or without ghosts.  Are there ghosts, though?  You be the judge.

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