As one who grew up in Butte during the 70s and 80s, it is safe to say that Butte and Anaconda are a bit different when it comes to holiday traditions and celebrations.  I remember fondly the Christmas decorations that would spring from the lightposts in Uptown Butte mesmerized my young imagination and the displays and messages from the gallows frames were something that you could simply experience in no other place.  Even today, Butte and Anaconda are alive with traditions both old and new.  The old Meaderville holiday display proudly sits behind the Racetrack Fire Hall on Farragut and Grand.  Plus, there are the foods!  Povitica.  Divinity.  Pasties.  (Okay, I know pasties aren't necessarily associated with Christmas, but this is Butte and Anaconda after all.)

It is in this spirit that the Anaconda High School Choraleers along with the Mining City Chorale will perform with the Butte Symphony Orchestra to bring you "Our Butte Holiday!" which will bring classical and traditional seasonal performances to the Mother Lode Theater audience.  And what a place the Mother Lode is to hear music.  Of course, the traditional singing of carols will be a part of the show as well, so part of the music will come from you and your family.   The show will be tomorrow, Saturday, December 17 at 7:30pm and special room rates are available if you're coming from out of town and want to make a weekend of it.  Tickets start at $15 but special group rates are available.  Call the Mother Lode at 406-723-3602 for details.

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