BUTTE, MT - Have you ever wanted to be a performer?

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I remember when I was just a young lad, I would throw on some classic shows (for my generation) such as The Amanda Show, Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, and Drake & Josh and be completely mystified when the blooper scenes would roll around. The actors looked like they were having the time of their lives, and right then and there I decided I wanted to be an actor. After a brief stint in the bowels of Los Angeles, I quickly gave up on the dream.

But that doesn't mean you should. Whether you have aspirations to be the next Robert Pattinson or Kristen Bell, or you just like to have fun with other community members, acting in community theatre projects are fun, encouraging, and teach a lot more than stage presence. In fact, many famous actors got their start in community theatre (like Pattinson and Bell), so all it takes is a little perseverance and a little talent.

On May 30th of 2024, the World Museum of Mining put on an open casting call—that's where you go in and audition for a role in an upcoming play—at Montana Tech for their upcoming show: Butte the Bold, a show centered around "the (mostly true) stories of some of Butte’s lesser known, but no less colorful characters..." That sounds like a blast to watch, let along be a part of.

"But wait, Devon, you said it was on the 30th? That's yesterday!" Don't worry reader, if you missed that casting call, the World Museum of Mining is featuring another chance to audition on Thursday, June 8th, 2024, at 6pm. Where? At the Montana Tech Auditorium, of course.

Plenty of roles are still open, so get out there and be Butte's next Superstar!

For more information, email or call:
wmmdirect@gmail.com or randi.wedlake@gmail.com
(406) 723-7211 or (406) 490-0666

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