A delicious surprise.

My birthday was last month and guess my friends surprised me with? A homemade sour cream chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. It was sublime. I ate that bad boy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner one day. No regrets.

Why chocolate cake?

One of best things about chocolate cake is the variety. There’s your classic chocolate cake, the aforementioned sour cream chocolate cake, hot fudge chocolate cake, molten lava chocolate cake, German chocolate cake, and even the more unique varieties like red velvet cake or flourless chocolate tortes. These cakes provide an option for everybody, unless, of course, they don’t like chocolate. There’s no saving people like that. I actually met someone in recent years who was allergic to chocolate. My heart broke for them.

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The best of the best in Montana.

Eat This, Not That rounded up the best chocolate cakes in every state and Montana’s does not disappoint. Located in Missoula, our state’s BEST chocolate cake lives in Bernice’s Bakery.

Credit: bernicesbakerymt.com
Credit: bernicesbakerymt.com

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As I have never had the profound honor of trying their goodies, we’ll have to rely on the internet for more information. Bernice’s Bakery describes this decadent cake as, “Moist chocolate cake layers filled and frosted with old fashioned buttercream - a true classic!” A 6-inch round cake is $37 and an 8-inch round is $62.

Here's the plan.

I’d love to verify the legitimacy of this claim, and I think the big bosses should send me on a chocolate cake-eating road trip around the state. Who’s with me?

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