I have a love affair with the Kettlehouse amphitheater.

Maybe, it’s more of an obsession?

I’m not sure what a team of therapists would label it, but what I can tell you is that there are very few places I would rather be, rain or shine, than that incredible venue.

Kettlehouse and Logjam presents had their very first show at the amphitheater on July 13, 2017. The first act was Lyle Lovett and his large band, and that very first show is where they ‘set the hook’. My bride and I, not having a clue what we were in for,  purchased seated tickets, middle section, maybe row G? Lyle and the large band put on one hell of a show (as they always do). I do remember parts of that show, a particularly good rendition of “Nobody knows me”, I remember how incredibly talented his band is, but I really came away in love with Kettlehouse.

From gig one they were on top of their game.

The venue is like nothing else, snuggled up to the Blackfoot river, with Woody Mountain behind the stage, and Bonner Mountain behind the crowd, its setting is perfection. The venue is split into 3 separate viewing areas. You have the pit, standing room only down in front of the stage, you have 3 sections of seats between the pit and the lawn, and the lawn itself, which is open ‘seating’, first come first serve, drop a blanket a small chair.. whatever your preference.

The best part is everyone has their personal preference as to where they enjoy a concert. There are people who live and breathe the pit, and pit only!! People who love the lawn to sit back and relax, and people who like to enjoy a show in a seat! (this particular group includes me).

This summer season the amphitheater hosted their 100th show, and what I’m getting to is, if you haven’t experienced a show at Kettlehouse, GO! Some of my favorite concerts ever have been on the bank of the Blackfoot, Bon Iver in the rain- incredible. Social Distortion, Shakey Graves, Dropkick Murphys, The Pixies, Brandi Carlile, and more, shows that I will never forget.

Last night Flogging Molly, the Interrupters, and Tiger Army closed out MY season at Kettlehouse, and I can’t thank them enough for the work they do each year.

I truly haven’t had a bad experience there in 5 years, and I can’t imagine I ever will.

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