September 13th is National Fortune Cookie Day! And truly, who doesn’t love fortune cookies?

When I first read that it was Fortune Cookie Day, I had to pause for a second and go find my wallet, which sometimes can be a chore. I felt the odds were pretty good that I had a fortune squirreled away in there somewhere. Lo and behold, I did have one! Wrapped up nicely with my fishing license, and my lucky $2 bill (I’ll tell you about that at another time).


I am a superstitious fool, I keep very few fortunes, but sometimes they seem.. on point enough to make me pause. The fortune above was one of those. A few months ago my family decided to hit up the Pekin Noodle Parlor, we had a fantastic meal, and from the fortune cookies that followed, this was my fortune and I believe it has come to fruition.

The history of the fortune cookie is a fun story in that they are an American invention.  The origin of the fortune cookie is truly unclear, though many immigrant groups in California claim to have ‘put them on the map’ in the early 20th century. Some documents claim that a Chinese immigrant by the name of David Jung, a noodle maker in San Francisco started handing out the cookies to the needy in his neighborhood around 1918.

Another theory is that a Japanese immigrant named Makoto Hagiwara, a gardener, was fired from his job at the Golden Gate Park. As a token of his love for his friends that stood by him during this hard time, he baked them cookies and put thank you notes inside.

Anyway you bake them, fortune cookies you come across today are filled with love, wisdom, some fun, and hopefully your winning lottery numbers!

There isn’t a better place for to get your Fortune Cookie fix than Butte’s own Pekin Noodle Parlor. The Pekin opened its doors in 1911, CBS Sunday Morning had a pretty wonderful special on the Pekin not long ago, if you are unfamiliar take a look below.

Have you saved any fortunes that you still pack around? If so share them and give us the story!

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