Luke Combs is kicking off his 2022 Middle of Somewhere Tour in early September (buy tickets here), but he says his infant son won't be joining him — at least, not this time around.

Combs and his wife, Nicole, welcomed baby boy Tex — their first child — on Father's Day (June 19), meaning that Tex will be just shy of three months old when the tour kicks off.

During a co-hosting appearance on Country Countdown USA, Combs tells Lon Helton that he's waiting until he's had a little bit more parenting experience before he brings Tex out on the road with him.

"I think you need at least a year before the road thing," the singer says. "We don't even take our dog on the road because we feel it affects his quality of life. We want to be sure we have this parenting thing down before we take it on the road."

He also adds that taking extra time before bringing Tex along on tour will ease the pressure on his wife. "I don't want Nicole to feel trapped on the bus with the baby," Combs continues. "We're going to give it some time."

The busy hitmaker also carved out significant time off following Tex's birth, despite the fact that he has a brand new album out, called Growin' Up. His June 11 CMA Fest show marked his last show before the arrival of his son, and leading up to the Middle of Somewhere Tour, he's keeping his calendar very light in order to focus on his family.

That's by design: Combs has said on several occasions that he plans to be an involved dad, and he told the Tennessean recently that he's taking diaper duty head-on.

"I'm assuming I'll end up doing a lot of that, man. I would think so," he affirms. "I just figure, you know, she had to kind of grow him for nine months, so I figure I can at least do something at this point. It's like, you don't really do anything for nine months. If you didn't do anything after that, [you're] kind of like a deadbeat at that point."

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