One of the things that stands out about Montana, particularly Western Montana, is the number of incredible musicians and bands that have come of the area.  From the original Montana Band to Rob Quist and the Mission Mountain Wood Band to Jeff Ament of Big Sandy who has been laying down the groove for Pearl Jam since their rise in the early 90s,  Montana musicians have found themselves right at home on the big stage. The run is continuing as another Northwest Montana band has been gaining fans and filling dance floors for 15 years now and just seems to be hitting their stride.

After rocking Miles City. Photo: Facebook/Copper Mountain Band
After rocking Miles City. Photo: Facebook/Copper Mountain Band

The Copper Mountain Band

The Copper Mountain Band is a high-energy country and classic rock group that "can play any venue and appeal to any audience" as their website states.  But they have fans who have attested that to that for years and a quick listen to their catalog on ReverbNation will make arguing against that difficult.  Jacque Jolene is the lead singer and her raspy-yet-still-smooth-as-silk vocals make everything from their covers to originals stand out.  She is backed by a solid rhythm section featuring Troy, MT's Nate Norman on bass and Spokane's John "Johnny" Betts on drums who came on board during the band's first dates in France back in 2010.  Dave Calhoun is the smokin' lead guitar player who was born in Dallas, TX but relocated to the Northwest as a young teenager.  Rounding out the lineup on keyboards is Keith Brown who has been entertaining audiences since his teenage years and moonlights as a piano teacher and studio musician.  Together, though, they are greater than the sum of their parts.  Band chemistry is something that takes hundreds of performances to even understand and this band not only understands it but offers regular demonstrations.

Here is one of their originals.

For dates or information, check out their website.

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