Maybe it's just in our bloodstream.  Perhaps it comes from the elaborate decorations we saw on the mine headframes every Christmas.  Maybe it's all of the shamrocks that go up around the time each year that St. Patrick's Day rolls around.  Heck, if you look in Butte history books you'll find a gigantic elk once called the intersection of Broadway and Main home.  Yes, that actually happened here.

See? We told you.
A giant elk on the intersection of Broadway and Main circa 1916.  See?  Photo:Postcard (public domain)

Whatever the case, Butte loves a celebration and by default Butte loves decorations.  Remember the elaborate Meaderville Christmas displays?  I don't.  But thanks to the people who had the foresight to preserve them, we are all able to enjoy them at the Racetrack skating rink each season.  But that's a few weeks away.  Right now it's all about Halloween and it seems that every year things get a little bigger and a little crazier here in the Mining City.  I remember the old days of plastic masks with a horribly-stapled rubber band that was supposed to keep that rigid mask secure to your fat little face as you trounced about the neighborhood with a pillowcase for a candy sack and a crinkling plastic smock you wore over your two coats.  The smock would usually have a picture of the crappy little mask you were wearing.  And you would FILL the candy sack.  Sometimes two.  But by morning for some reason every year most of your Snickers and Milky Ways went missing overnight and your dad was calling off sick and hogging the bathroom the whole damn morning.  Good times, good times.  But I digress.  Here are some of the best Halloween decorations we've found around town this year.  Did we miss any?  Let us know in the comments or send us a picture on social media.

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