This week surprised me greatly. I really expected the class average to be far lower than it is. I would say the average is in the 6-4 range, maybe even as high as 7-3. A large group finished at 8-2, those wicked smart cookies included people like Brad Nelson, Matt Stepan, and husband and wife Megan, and Jeff Graham. (Knowing all too well how it works wagering with your significant other, Megan was closer to the tiebreaker. So, she gets bragging rights this week)

The college games were the most surprising. The first thing that jumped off the page at me was the fact that 82% of people in our game picked the Cats. The losing 18% hopefully learned you don’t bet against Tommy Mellott.

Montana State v Oregon State
Montana State Quarterback Tommy Mellott off to the races. Getty Images

The other big shocker was that one single person picked Vanderbilt to take down the University of Florida. One. (1). That person (who must be psychic) is Ashley Preston! She, unfortunately, used all of her mojo on the college games (where she was perfect) and was let down by the Jets, Vikings, and Steelers, oh my.

Florida v Vanderbilt
Vanderbilt shocks the Gators Saturday. (Getty Images)

Carroll College played extremely well but fell at #2 Grand View. In our pool, that game was pretty close to split down the middle.

The only NFL games that seemed to give people problems were the J-E-T-S JETS, Jets, jets- Patriots, and the Vikings falling to ‘Americas Team’ (we probably have to pay Jerry money to say that).

Dallas Cowboys v Minnesota Vikings
The Dallas Cowboys kept the Vikings from managing any kind of offense Sunday. (Getty Images)

So let’s talk about our winner, we TWO people tie with 9-1 records. 12-time all-star, 10-time gold glove winner, and 3-time NL MVP Mike Schmidt went 9-1. Also going 9-1 was Leonard Baluski. So it came down to the tiebreaker, and our week 10 award goes to Mr.Baluski!

We have only one week of the Pigskin Pick 10 left. So be ready to get your picks in!

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