BUTTE, MT - Do you ever feel like you want to help someone out but just don't know where to get started?

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Luckily for us living here in Butte America, there are ample opportunities to help those less fortunate through volunteer work, donations, or even just helping out at an event. One of those opportunities comes in the form of the annual Week of Compassion, put on by the legendary Butte Rescue Mission and supported by community members just like you. If you aren't super familiar with the Butte Rescue Mission, you can learn all about it—including the massive, recent donation they received to continue working on their conversion of an old warehouse building in Butte into a new resource center—by clicking the link here.

This year's Week of Compassion, which begins Sunday, June 2nd, 2024 and goes until Saturday, June 8th, 2024, is the 4th annual and most ambitious Week of Compassion yet. Sunday began with a kick-off party for the event, where anyone was welcome to stop by and learn about Butte Rescue Mission, engage in prayer, and munch on some delicious ice cream. Monday morning continued the festivities with a proclamation by Butte Chief Executive JP Gallagher at the County Courthouse.

What can you do to join in and help those in need (and, perhaps, even help change a life or two)? Take a look below at the official information:

Get ready to do some volunteering! Credit: Butte Rescue Mission/Facebook
Get ready to do some volunteering! Credit: Butte Rescue Mission/Facebook

Here's that link to sign up for your convenience: bit.ly/BRMWOC

The Week of Compassion ends with a family-oriented, super-fun Block Party BBQ this Saturday at 4pm, including a "Hope for the Homeless Scavenger Hunt" where prizes will be given out to winning teams. The block party will be held at 610 E. Platinum St. here in Butte. And don't forget: this week and beyond, Butte Rescue Mission is always accepting canned food donations, along with lightly used shoes!

What are you most excited about? Are you ready to help change a life for someone here in Butte?

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