BUTTE, MT - What's your favorite attraction to take the kids to in Butte during the beautiful summer months?

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That's a hard choice, since Butte America has plenty of things to do—especially when it comes to outdoor activities. Though everything is just a short drive away, there is one attraction that is not only perfect for bringing the whole family to, but it is surrounded by activities for the parents, the teenagers, and the kids alike.

Stodden Park, located just off of Utah Street, has got to be one of the best parks in town, if not one of the best parks the state has to offer. For starters, there's a gold course, a waterpark, a space for tennis and basketball courts, a Vietnam war memorial, and, of course, everyone's favorite: the Spirit of Columbia Gardens Carousel. The latter of which, a staple of Butte since 1996, has just announced their summer info and hours!

The Spirit of Columbia Gardens Carousel isn't just a carousel with over 30 horses: it also has a conference room, a museum carving room, a gift shop, a paint room, and restrooms. And they are ready to go for the summer! See the details below:

  • They are open Tuesday through Saturday, from noon until 8pm
  • On Sunday, they are open from noon until 6pm
  • Price is unclear: $1-5?
  • They will have fresh popcorn and ice cream
  • Birthday party events are available
  • Volunteering opportunities are available
  • Call (406) 494-7775 for info

I can't wait to check out the carousel myself, despite my girlfriend and I being childless—we are children at heart (and maturity level).

See you all there!

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