Kids in Butte who love soccer now have a club they can call their own.  Mining City FC is a youth soccer club for boys and girls ages 10 to 18 and they are having open registration now for the spring season.  The season will last from April thru mid-June and will play on Saturdays in different towns throughout the state.

Photo: Facebook/miningcityfc
Photo: Facebook/miningcityfc

Mining City FC is a member of the Montana Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) and exist to develop skilled, confident players with the goal of making practices and the game itself fun for all involved.  But their goals go deeper than that.  Mining City FC also teaches good sportsmanship and respect for all and while they agree that competition is important, character and performance are of greater value.  Mining City FC also is interested in developing coaches and officials.  In fact, club president Mike Maesar says there are opportunities and openings for practically everybody.  "We are always happy to have volunteer coaches, referees, team managers, board members, or anyone else that just wants to help promote soccer in Butte," Maeser said.  "Volunteers don't need to have any previous experience with soccer, as there are coaching and referee classes that the club will pay for to get you started."

Does this sound like a program for your kids or even yourself?  Get started today.  For further information, contact Mike Maesar at, and to register a player, just email Sue Shcraeder at  Games will be starting very soon so get ahold of Mike or Sue and help soccer grow in the Mining City.

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