Karol G's private plane was forced to make an emergency landing after smoke was reported in the cockpit.

According to ABC7, Karol G's plane made an emergency landing in Van Nuys on Feb. 29.. After exiting the plane, the singer was seen hugging her friends and associates on the tarmac.

The outlet reports that her plane departed from Burbank on Feb. 29 and had a total of 16 people on board. The plane began to experience problems by the time it had reached Cajon Pass and the pilot turned around after they reported a problem.

Upon its arrival, the plane as met by emergency crews and there didn't appear to be any injuries.

Currently, it is unclear how the plane problems will affect her touring schedule since she is on her Mañana Será Bonito tour in Latin America at the moment.

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Karol G is not the first celebrity to have a scary experience in flying. Rapper Post Malone once recounted to TMZ how a tire popped on a plane that he was flying in at the time.

"I f---ing hate flying. We just heard the tire pop. And then, I don't know if it was smoke or whatever, [came in], and we were like, 'S---. This is not good at all,'" he told the outlet.

"I just put everybody in a big group text [to] tell them I love them, just in case. I just did it all in one. You know, my family and everybody and my friends. This was before anybody knew [about the plane], I was just like, 'Hey, guys, I love you.' I didn't want to f---ing freak people out and then be stuck in the air," Malone continued.

"I'm alive, man, I'm ready to party," he added.

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