Maren Morris and her estranged husband Ryan Hurd may not be together anymore, but they're still putting their son first on Halloween.

The two singer-songwriters, who are currently in the midst of a divorce, went trick-or-treating with their 3-year-old son Hayes for Halloween on Tuesday evening (Oct. 31). According to a photo that Morris shared to her Instagram Stories, she and Hurd spent the evening walking house to house with little Hayes as he collected candy.

The two adults weren't in costume, but it appears that Hayes may have dressed up as a dinosaur for Halloween. As is typical for the photos that Morris and Hurd share of their son, they didn't show his face — but they did show Hayes wearing a costume with the legs and head of a dinosaur.


Morris filed for divorce from Hurd on Oct. 2, and the documents listed that date as the date of their separation, too. Her filing listed "irreconcilable differences" as the cause for the split. It also requests that the two parents be awarded jointed custody of their son, and that child support be set pursuant to the Tennessee Child Support guidelines.

As of Oct. 14, Morris had already completed a court-ordered parenting course mandated of many divorcing parents; Hurd has 60 days from her filing date to do the same. The seminar covers topics like visitation procedures and how to communicate with children.

6 Things We Learned From Maren Morris' Divorce Documents

Maren Morris filed for divorce from husband Ryan Hurd on Oct. 2, 2023, and her complaint casts some light as to what happened, but mostly sticks to a script designed to minimize gossip. Taste of Country obtained the complaint and other documents from the court. Here’s what we learned that’s new. 

Gallery Credit: Billy Dukes