One LSU baseball fan had a home run slip right through their glove and off the forehead, and it was all caught on video.

During LSU's 9-0 win over Nichols State, Tommy White turned on a 90 MPH fastball and sent it flying into the stands, but that isn't the story. It's what happened when the ball landed.

That is where Cory enters into this story. Cory is a LSU fans and just happened to be wearing a glove on the top row of the bleachers at Alex Box Stadium. But despite Cory being ready, he whiffed on the catch.

This rocket of a home run — clocked in at 109 MPH off White's bat — was completely missed by Cory and smacked off of his head before bouncing out of the ballpark completely.

As you can imagine, that looked like it hurt. Even though no error was awarded from the official scorer, the comment section did not disappoint.

"‘It’s been quite a long time since he’s played catch,’" one commenter quoted from the video clip with a rolling on the floor laughing emoji. 

Have to agree with this one, at least grab a seat big fella.

"Smoked in the head," another user added.

Don't have to get ready when you stay ready...

"Pawpaw got hit in the dome even though he’s got the glove on," another X user replied.

Truth hurts, maybe not as much as a line drive off the head though.

"Guy needs a helmet instead of a glove...LOL," someone joked.

But fear not, Cory is OK. He was tracked down during the broadcast and was a great sport about it.

Keep your head on a swivel out there baseball fans.

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