If you haven't noticed, the cost of living has been skyrocketing in Montana. Living comfortably in the state is much more expensive than it used to be. If you're wondering how much money you need to make to be happy in Montana, here is the required salary according to new data.

They say that money can't buy happiness, but it can buy you a home, a car, and a lot of other things that we rely on in our daily lives. Let's face it, people that have money generally seem happier than those that don't.


CNBC recently released a report about the average salary a single person would need to make to live comfortably in each state. The good news is, Montana is much cheaper that many other states. The bad news? Well, it's still really expensive.

To estimate the income needed to live comfortably in state, CNBC used the cost of necessities and data from MIT Living Wage Calculator.

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Minimum Salary Required To Live Comfortably in Montana

According to the data, a single person needs to make $84,739 a year to live comfortably in Montana. If you are a family with two children, you and your spouse would need to make $211,411 combined. Montana is the America's 33rd most expensive state to live in comfortably.

Cost of Living

Top 5 Most Expensive States To Live In

  1. Massachusetts: $116,022
  2. Hawaii: $113,693
  3. California: $113,651
  4. New York: $111,738
  5. Washington: $106,496

According to the U.S Department of Labor, the average median income for single, full-time workers is around $60,000. If you want to live in Montana, you better start saving your money!

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