The 4th of July to many of us not only means parades, fireworks and concerts but also a time to get back to nature and appreciation of Montana's abundance of natural beauty with family picnics and camping adventures.  And why not?  We are right in the middle of the kind of natural splendor that folks from all over the world pay top dollar to visit, as evidenced by the menagerie of campers, trailers and out-of-area license plates we see on our streets and highways every day.

Old truck with a camper attached.
Photo: Townsquare Labs/MAYBAYBUTTER

There are many beautiful recreation areas within an hour or less of Butte and during a conversation with local forester Jocelyn Dodge we learned that the potential for activity is limitless.  "Beaver Dam, Lowlands and Toll Mountain Campgrounds are located within 30 minutes of Butte and provide access to trails for hiking, biking, horseback riding and motorized recreation and Sheepshead Recreation Area north of Butte is a great place for evening picnics and family fishing," she told us.  If you want to drive a bit further, Georgetown Lake is always a great option.  "Georgetown Lake Campgrounds, located an hour from Butte, has sites that can be reserved at," Dodge told us, but said to leave the fireworks at home.  "Fireworks are not allowed on public land for everyone's safety and to prevent forest fires," she added.

Photo:Townsquare/Getty Images/Tom Merton
Photo:Townsquare/Getty Images/Tom Merton

If you have any questions or would like further information, please feel free to contact the Butte Ranger District at (406) 494-2147 and have a safe and happy 4th of July celebration.

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