For a little over a month now, folks from all across Southwest Montana have been graciously donating their gently worn winter gear for the annual Harrington Pepsi/Butte Cares/Ziply Fiber Clothing Drive while over the last couple of days our volunteers have been sorting and folding the literal mountain of clothes that have been dropped off.  This year, we will be wrapping things up with the free distribution starting at 10am at the Butte Plaza Mall Events Center on the south side of the building and the generosity of our donors and volunteers cannot go unnoticed.

Photo: Tammy Shutey/Townsquare Media;
Photo: Tammy Shutey/Townsquare Media;

First of all, without the generous families and individuals who have so generously donated, we would not have an event to speak of.  Every year, it seems that these are not "discarded" clothes that people are just looking to get rid of, but clothes that other folks will actually wear.  Every year we have also gotten donations of brand-new items with the tags still on them!  Every year we are blown away by the generosity of Butte and Southwest Montana and we extend our sincerest gratitude.

Here at the radio ranch, we are blessed to have many business partners who we can also count on as friends.  Our donation drop-off locations are familiar names to all, as they all have been with us for years.  Wal Mart has always been there.  Denny Menholt Ford Steele's Furniture.  Stephanie and the Butte Chamber of CommerceDee Motors in Anaconda.  Ace Hardware. Three Bears Alaska.  Every year, these businesses have stepped right up and we are sincerely thankful, not so much for their business, but for their friendship.  And friendship is what Butte Cares is all about.  You truly need not look further than their name.  The clothing drive is only one of many, many things that they do to make Butte a better place for all of us.  Harrington Pepsi?  What can you say other than they are one of the oldest and most trusted businesses in the Mining City and their name is on not only the clothing drive but also as a sponsor of teams, benefits, raffles and just about anything else that is asked of them.  Ziply Fiber is new this year and the reason for that is because they are new here in town, too, and are excited to be a member of the Butte Community.

We are thankful once again to have the support of Mr. Mike Thatcher and his crew at Community Counseling and Corrections, Inc. who again this year are supplying the food for the event.  It would be a long list indeed if we were to try to mention every charity or event that they are a big part of.  We are just happy to be included.  And also at the event this year will be the North American Indian Alliance to whom we extend a warm welcome.  If you are not up to date with your Covid-19 shots, the Butte-Silver Bow Health Department will be on hand as well.

Again, if you are in need of any sort of winter clothing, mittens, hats, gloves and even blankets, please come to the Butte Plaza Mall Saturday morning at 10am.

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