A few weeks back, we told you about a cool, new play that is going to be put on in the near future.  It's an all-original play written about Butte and some of the lesser-known but still important events that have taken place in our fair city during her colorful past.  The production of "Butte the Bold" is moving forward and is holding their second round of auditions as well as a table read as explained in the following press release:

.The play Butte the Bold has announced a second round of auditions, and a table read. The second round of auditions and the table read will take place at the Montana Tech University auditorium on February 23rd at 5:30 PM.

Butte the Bold is an all-original, all-volunteer, living history play in 9 acts that tells the (mostly true) story of some of the lesser known, yet no less important, characters and events in Butte's past. The narrator is the legendary miner and storyteller Matty Kiely, who guides the audience through each act painting a colorful picture of some of Butte's best stories you have ever heard. The play will run at the Motherlode Theatre in July.

For more info, contact the World Museum of Mining  at buttewmm@gmail.com  or 406-723-7211

We talked earlier with some of the folks at the World Museum of Mining and they could definitely put your talents to use if you have any experience with set production, carpentry or sound design.  Even if you're just excited about the whole production and would like to help out, by all means give them a call or shoot an email.

Thank you to the World Museum of Mining for all of their creativity and hard work on "Butte the Bold".  We can't wait to see how this all comes together.

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