BUTTE, MT - What do people get wrong about Butte?

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I hear (and heard, especially when I lived outside of Butte) a lot of misconceptions, over-dramatizations, and just flat out lies from people who don't live here in Butte. Sometimes, even people here in Butte. Although most of them don't really bother me and have some ounce of truth to them (looking at you, "Butte isn't dangerous"), there's one that never ceases to anger me just on the sheer sense of how wrong it is.

You guessed it based off the title: it makes me angry when I hear people say, "There's nothing to do in Butte." Why? Well, because there's plenty to do here in Butte America, and I'm going to try and whither that misconception down, article by article.

This time around I'm going to highlight a beautiful, "newer" attraction that, in my humble opinion, would appeal to history nerds, Butte lovers, and children looking to understand their roots. In fact, I think anyone with even just a passive interest in the rich and fascinating historical past of Butte would love to check this place out.

The Butte-Silver Bow Public Archives, located in Uptown at 17 W. Quartz, is the place, and dissolves any argument anyone may have about "having nothing to do." The Butte Archives, established in 1981, is hosted in a beautifully-restored structure that would pique anyone's interests in architecture while simultaneously providing a fantastic space to read, learn, get some work done, or go through the archives themselves. Speaking of which, the vast amount of historical archives are a great way to lose yourself in the abyss of the past: sitting in a well-kept area, going through newspapers, building records, and any paperwork pertaining to Butte, learning and soaking in the knowledge.

It doesn't stop there. The extremely-helpful and joyful employees who passionately work for the Archives are always there, ready to answer questions and grab anything you may need. Heck, just ask them, "What do you think is interesting?" or "Where's a good place to start?" and watch their face light up. Plus, the regular events they host make the Butte Archives a great place to spend some time that isn't a bar or gambling. Bring the kids!

See official info here.

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